This is my first Cinema 4D plug-in. Originally I made it for Xpresso heavy users. This plug-in makes changing node’s color easy. Just select nodes and click what color you want to use. You can also load and save custom color palettes. You can also colorise objects and add objects to layers. Plug-in works also with Redshift shader graph editor’s nodes.

When you are chaning Xpresso node colors, Xpresso tag has to be selected, otherwise plug-in wont colorise nodes. And when you are changing Redshift nodes, the Redshift material has to be selected. Also make sure that you have enabled these in the options (File > Options)!

Place Colorise plug-in to your appdata plug-in folder to make it work properly (avoid permission errors), since plug-in has to write and read presets and options files.

Win: “C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R[VERSION]\plugins\”
Mac: “/Users/[USER]/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R[VERSION]/plugins”

Commands: (Keymofidier, Button)
Alt + [Color]: Select items with this color
Alt + Shift + [Color]: Add to selection items with this color
Alt + Ctrl + [Color]: Remove from selection items with this color
Ctrl + [Color]: Group selected objects under null and assign layer for selected objects
Shift + [Color]: Set objects layer to this colored layer
Shift + [X]: Remove selected objects’ layer
Alt + [X]: Sequence colors to selected items
Ctrl + [X]: Random colors to selected items

Thanks to @BachtellDesign and @_james_owen_ for new feature ideas.

N.B. Known bug in R25, color picker in Color Chooser doesn’t work at the moment. Use color picker in main layout. Hopefully Maxon will fix this bug.

Updated 08/09/2019 (v0.5)
> R21 version – completely rewritten plug-in with new features and bug fixes

Updated 11/09/2019 (v0.5.1)
> Added option to colorise lights
> Improved Redshift node handling

Updated 12/10/2019 (v0.5.2)
> Added support to make polygon selections
> Fixed Redshift node-editor bug

Updated 14/03/2021 (v0.5.3)
> Cinema 4D R23 support

Updated 31/10/2021 (v0.5.5)
> Cinema 4D R25 support
> Horizontal layout is back
> Option to hide and show color pickers
> Support to import colors from and urls
> Support to colorise Redshift lights
> Added option to ignore black color

Updated 04/11/2021 (v0.5.6)
> Fixed bug that broked the plug-in older than C4D R25 versions

Updated 23/02/2024 (v1.0.0)
> Added option to colorise selected layers
> Added option to change palette color count (min 4 – max 42)
> Added option to generate palette from custom gradient
> Added option to remember current color palette on exit (R20) (Depricated) (R21-2023) (Depricated) (2024)

Cinema 4D, Plug-in, Python, Redshift, Xpresso