Here is three simple deletion effectors I made for fun. Perhaps they might be sometimes pretty useful. These effectors hides clones completely, they does not scale them to zero.

Delete by scale effector

Hides clones (visibility) based on clone’s scale parameter (not size). This helps to get rid off too tiny or too big clones when you are randomizing clones’ scale with e.g. random effector.


Delete random effector

Hides clones randomly. You can change seed to randomize which clones are deleted, change amount of deleted clones and invert the final output.


Delete by index effector

Hides clones by given index number or range. Indexes are separated with commas (,) and ranges are pointed with dashes (-). You can also invert the final output.


Updated 24/04/2019:
> Effectors now supports already hidden clones
> Fixed ‘Delete by scale Effector’ does not calculate only x scale but scale vector average

Cinema 4D, Effector, MoGraph, Python