This effector fades clone’s colors gradually over time. I made it originally for one commercial project and it was pretty handy in some cases.

You can choose start frame, when fading should start. You can change fading duration and step duration. Both changes overall animation time. You can also weight clones (it is a bit legacy option). You can also randomize fading order and set different random seed. There is also option to pick start and end colors and you can also remap fading with spline.

Updated 31/07/2019
> Now you can manually input indexes how you want them to appear

Updated 22/08/2019
> Added ‘Swap’ button for swapping colors quickly
> Added ‘Use Custom’ checkbox

Updated 21/04/2023
> Support for C4D 2023

ar_effector_fade_clones.c4d v1.2.1 (2023.1.3)

Cinema 4D, Effector, MoGraph, Python