This is my first Python Field Object. With Selector Field, you can easily select items by typing their ID’s (e.g. 0, 10, 11, 25, 30 and so on). Selector Field supports also range selections which works by typing start ID and end ID e.g. 5-20, 49-99, 0-3 and so on.

Originally Selector Field is intended to use with MoGraph Effectors but it works also with polygon, edge and point selections and vertex maps.

There is three different ‘Input type’ systems: Single-Line, Multi-Line and Range Sliders. First two allows you to type ID’s and the last one allows you to select items with two sliders.

If you want to invert the selection, go to ‘Remapping’ tab and tick ‘Invert’ checkbox there.

Selector Field won’t update user interface if it does not have anything to process! You should first attach it to somewhere and then modify settings.

Updated 24/06/2020
> Updated – now it supports more than 400 items. N.B. large selections gets really slow! (Bad optimization)

Updated 17/09/2022
> Updated support for Cinema 4D R25 and newer (Python 3)

ar_field_selector_r21.c4d v2.0.0 (R21)
ar_field_selector.c4d v2.1.1 (2023.1.2)

Cinema 4D, Field, MoGraph, Python