When you render with Cinema 4D’s render queue, you get a XML-file where C4D puts useful data, this file is called a render log. It’s not very pleasing to read the raw XML-file, so I made a simple log viewer with HTML and JavaScript that views render logs more readable way.

There is an input field where you can just drag and drop your log-file and when you press “View Log”-button, the site converts XML-file to nice looking HTML code.

The log viewer does not upload or collect any kind of data to my server. It opens file straight in the browser using HTML5’s FileReader, so your log files stays private.

Try log viewer here: Cinema 4D Log Viewer v0.2 Beta

The current version is in beta and I’ll keep developing this project and adding new features. All feedback is welcome.

Updated 18/08/2019
> Added support for multiple files
> Rebuild with Bootstrap

Cinema 4D, Html, JavaScript